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                                                                                        Separating Yourself From Your Competition

The basis of "Separating Yourself From Your Competition" is your "Unique Selling Proposition", but goes far past that. We think your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) should project itself outward to impact your business at every department and at every level. Not only should you be able to define your company and how it is different from others in your industry in one or two paragraphs (you USP), but your company's entire look and feel should also clearly state that your business is not run-of-the-mill. 

Every message to your market should clearly indicate that you are different. This is the essence of "Separating Yourself From Your Competition".

So let's start with your USP. It is the basis of your business concept. It is your unique business advantage that separates yourself from all others. Can you articulate your USP? If you can't, then certainly your customers and prospects can't...and if they can't, what prompts them to do business with you?

First understand this...you can NOT be everything to everyone. Not happening. Maybe your provide more service, or better quality, or greater value, or greater discounts. There needs to be something you can hang your hat on...something  you can build your entire business around. You can't build a consistent and effective marketing system if you are just sending out marketing messages with no coherent overriding theme.

Best selection/broad choice? Low price/low markup? Quality/exclusivity? Expert service/assistance? What void is not being filled in your industry? How can you exploit that? 

Are you a "me too" business? Rudderless and non-descript? If you can not clearly offer your market a distinct benefit or value and you pin your hopes on "just buy from me" with no real reason, then you will suffer the consequences. You risk failure and at best will just get by. 

Think of your USP as a big unique and appealing promise that is only offered by you. If you craft a USP and use it as the basis of "Separating Yourself From Your Competition" you will find yourself experiencing success far in excess of anything you dreamed of.

To The Future...

And this Unique Selling Proposition should now extend to everything - not just that basic concept/sales message but it should encompass all of the communication you have outside of your business.

You should look to develop a unique look and feel, in addition to the base Unique Selling Proposition. Everything you do should separate yourself from your competition.

In your print advertising, your website, your yellow pages advertisement, your email newsletters, your flyers...you get the idea. Develop a look and feel that separates you from your competition. And of course, incorporate your Unique Selling Proposition into everything as well. 

Make it clear whenever you can that you are not just another company doing business in your industry. Make it clear to your customer base that you have a unique product/service set to offer them. Make it clear to your community that what you offer is different than your competition.

If you want us to help you create your company's Unique Selling Proposition and help you Separate Yourself From Your Competition, please give us a call or fill out our inquiry form.

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