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                                                                                        Yellow Page Ads Done Right

Yellow page ads are different than any other type of advertising. Being a unique form of advertising, you need to create your ad with a new mindset. Few other advertising venues, place only once a year...can create a consistent flow of new customers. 

Yellow page adds are not for everyone. There are businesses that have no need to place a yellow page ad. No reason at all. That said, if your business is in fact a business that should have a yellow pages presence, then you need to spend the time and effort to make it work effectively for you. And work it can!

There's just no arguing the fact that even today with the Internet, Yellow Pages Advertising is one of the most targeted advertising opportunities available. Every year, hundreds, maybe thousands of local prospects open up their Yellow Pages and look for your product or service. Yes, some of that is now happening online, but much of that type of service/product search still occurs via your local printed yellow pages. When they reach for the yellow pages, they are looking to buy. It doesn't get any more powerful than that. If you know how to take advantage of that, then your business can literally steal customers away from its competition.

Yellow pages are NOT just another method to increase sales. It is NOT like newspaper ads or flyers or direct mail. What make the yellow pages unique is that you can make it your own personal automatic new customer generator.

A couple of "Yellow Page" ad philosophies...

  1. You will not win more customers if your ad looks like all the other ads in your category.

  2. If you had the Yellow Page's graphic design team create your ad - you are NOT getting the most of your ad.

  3. It is your job (or ours if you contract with us to oversee your yellow page ad) to do what your competitors are NOT doing - and not just because you need to stand out, but because they are doing it wrong.

The Yellow Pages is ALL about getting someone to act right now! ..."here's WHY you should choose us over everyone else, and pick up the phone NOW."

Most Yellow Page advertisers opt for the commercial. YOU want the infomercial. Your one and only goal in the Yellow Pages is to get the prospect to take action.


Yellow Pages Advertising in the Internet Age?

You may be asking if customers still use PRINT Yellow Page directories, or has everything gone Internet? Well, physicians, auto repair shops, attorneys, dentists, plumbers, insurance agencies, veterinarians and florists... just these 8 (out of 300) categories alone were referenced nearly 3 BILLION times in 2005. Now consider that "online Yellow Pages" were referenced a measly 1.8 billion times for ALL BUSINESS CATEGORIES, and you can see that print Yellow Page directories are still one of the very best ways to reach valuable local prospects at the very time theyíre in need of your product or service.

This is changing and will continue to - more searches will be done on the net, and print "searches" will or have already peaked by the end of 2009.

With that said...certain companies absolutely depend on the Yellow Pages for a bulk of there new business. Restaurants, attorneys, dentists, plumbers, insurance agents, veterinarians, florists and beauty salons are among the top 20 most referenced headings published by the Yellow Pages Association. For businesses in the Top 50 categories...the question isnít "should I be in the Yellow Pages?" but rather "how do I maximize my return on investment"? 

So, how we go about generating the best response from your Yellow Pages ad? 

Your adís success in the Yellow Pages depends largely on just two main factors...the LOOK and CONTENT of your ad. At the end of the day, these two factors will determine your Yellow Pages advertising ROI. Other factors such as directory selection, colors, ad size and headings (often over-emphasized by advertising sales reps) are far less important and relatively easy to address. Your greater challenge will be in developing a Yellow Page ad that visually leaps off the page and then persuades prospects that YOU are the very best business to call (take action). 

A few fundamentals of Yellow Pages advertising:
  1. Laser-targeting only your most important prospects.
  2. Using a large, compelling headline and unexpected images that work together to attract the eye of your prospect and set your business apart in a meaningful way.
  3. Writing compelling copy that speaks to the emotional needs and desires of your target audience.
  4. Using a powerful call-to-action near your phone number to close the deal (get the call).

A successful Yellow Page ad will have the power to visually stop readers in their tracks, draw them into the copy and persuade them with electric words that address their specific needs, concerns and fears. When you tap into their emotions, your prospects will feel comfortable and safe. And, they will respond to your Yellow Page ad before any other advertisement in your heading. 

Your prime local prospects are ready to call you and give you their business! Does your ad leave no doubt in their minds that you are the very best business to call? If not, we can help. Call us or fill in our inquiry form.

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