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                                                                                        Summary Of Our Distributor Program


The Form Of The Program:

  • Dealership/Licensee – Dealers will be licensed to represent Fletcher Consolidated/Biz Adz, Inc. as a sales agent/dealer, use its marketing material, forms, contracts, trademarks, websites, and other intellectual property.
  • Annual Licensing Fee  - Will initially be set at $495 (subsequent years licensing fee to be “locked in” at the original first year licensing fee*). When the initial year is increased to $795, then to $1,295 then to $1,995 and eventually to $2,995, the subsequent years licensing fee will be equal to that amount. *The annual fees will never increase greater than the annual inflation rate as measured by the U.S. CPI.
  • Capped at 300 "Active" Dealers in the U.S. - Active equals a) keeping current on licensing fees and b) meeting a certain minimum amount of annual gross business.
  • There will not be “local territories” - However, the number of dealers will be limited per state based on population.
  • Dealer profit is based on "par deal" - Meaning each completed marketing or promotional program will have a known dealer cost. Anything over that, the dealer keeps. Dealer will collect all monies through their company and submit total dealer cost when ordering program fulfillment.
  • 30% to 55% Dealer Gross Profit - Depending on the marketing program, dealers should be able to achieve 30% to 55% profits based on gross sales. If a completed program has a “par deal cost” of $4,000 and the dealer sells it out at around $6,650, it would leave the dealer with $2,650 in gross profit, which would equal 40% gross profit for the dealer. If the dealer sells it out at $6000, it would leave the dealer with $2000. THIS IS AN ESTIMATE - A SAMPLE FOR NUMERICAL EXPLANATION!  We will assign a “Suggested Retail Price” to each program, but licensees will have the ability to set prices as the market allows, up or down.
  • For Lead Generation Deals - Dealers will earn between 5% and 20% depending on the program and the dollar amount.

 Dealer Will Receive: (Included In Program)

  • Licensed rights to sell our marketing programs, to use our presentation material, designs, logo and all other intellectual property as approved by main company
  • Presentation binder
  • Full color presentation (over 60 pages)
  • CD containing PDF files of the presentation, sales closing aids and templates (for CD burning and printing)
  • Clear page protectors
  • Beginning supply of order forms
  • Your revenue and expense projections for each advertising program offered
  • Plus four (4) physical samples of each program (when applicable) - for example...you will receive four sample mugs representing our coffee mug marketing program
  • Updates as necessary

 Also Part Of The Program:

  • Browser based calculators (for closing and explaining our marketing solutions), such as ROI calculator, lifetime value of a customer calculator, etc
  • Lead generation programs
  • Telemarketing scripts
  • Professionally designed wood and corrugated postcards for your lead generation
  • Lead generation CD - includes free info, ROI calculators, free ebooks and free software
  • Brochures and associated lead generation program
  • Other lead generation ideas/tools
  • Other viral type marketing based on referral marketing programs
  • Email follow-up program – once you capture a prospect’s information and enter it into our master email list, that prospect is yours (whether you initially sell them or not) unless they actually purchases from another sales agent/dealer prior to actually purchasing from you. As an unsold prospect, or as your customer/client, we will initiate a monthly email to them, highlighting various marketing programs we offer and providing valuable marketing info and experiences of other clients. If they purchase (even directly from the company) you will receive a commission. This works well with the lead generation aspect of being a dealer.

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