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                                                                                        Structured Marketing Programs

We don't offer traditional "consulting" services. You can't contract with us to look at your business "to see what can be improved." TOO FUZZY FOR US. 

You can however ask us to look at your business and create a STRUCTURED MARKETING PROGRAM that will be put into place to create more business. There is a difference. Nothing fuzzy about a beginning, a middle and an end. That is what our marketing programs have - a beginning, a middle and an end. You will have paid for something tangible, not just a bunch of marketing/techno babble. You will have something concrete and defined. You will see it working. It will have structure and its results will be measurable.

Structure in your marketing programs means that before you invest in advertising... 

  • you have created an enticing offer that will create specific action

  • you have created a means to track results

  • you understand how information will flow into and through your marketing system

  • you have assigned the necessary responsibilities so that nothing "falls through the cracks"

  • you have an idea of the results you would like to achieve (ROI)

That is the type of marketing programs we enjoy creating and being part of. That is the type of marketing that makes sense to us.

However...even the best marketing can't overcome the delivery of sub-par products or services. We will only work with you if you are totally committed to providing first-class products or services. Do you over deliver? You should. Do you provide massive value? You should.

A systemized marketing program can take many forms...lead generation, customer retention, back-end selling, referral systems. It can be online or offline...but most likely will combine both for greater effectiveness. Promotional products, print media, direct mail, web site, blog, email, mobile, video, audio, etc. Using discounts, loyalty, continuity programs and other techniques to motivate.

Technology is very much an integral part of the process. The delivery of the message may or may not be high-tech, but certainly the marketing system it is operating within will be high-tech. Keeping in contact with your prospects and customers MUST use technology to be effective. The more automated the better. And more and more, some part if not all of your advertising/marketing will be technology based. Get used to it, as this trend will only continue.

If you feel your business can benefit from a properly installed and operating marketing system, then please give us a call or fill in our inquiry form. If you want to see your company's sales and profits increase because your marketing has been systemized, then let's talk.

We don't work with every company that contacts us. We look for the right match between us and our client and we look for projects that will be fun to work on. If it is the right project and it meets the above criteria, then we know the project will be successful and it is that success that truly drives us.

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