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                                                                                        Scrolling Motion Display Signs


scrolling signs and scrolling displays - scrolling motion is an effective sales tool

The definition...

  1. To appear and then roll by

  2. The act or process of changing position or place

  3. To create sales

a scrolling display
a scrolling sign a motion display

a motion sign
Portrait Mode - Side to Side Scrolling

Motions sells - it is proven that motion attracts attention. 
Proven 51% to 102% more effective in generating sales and awareness.
The benefits of our scrolling display signs are obvious.



A1 Frame Design
viewable image
Beautiful picture frame design features a brushed nickel outer frame with inner dark mat.

New design A1 Scrolling Motion Display

A0 Frame Design
viewable image
Modern low-profile frame designed to highlight YOUR advertising message. Can be wall mounted or attached to a floor stand.

New Design A0 Scrolling Motion Display

Shoe Shine A1
This Display System Is An Attention Getter!
Offers users a free shoeshine!
It doesn't get any better than this...perfect for your trade show booth or for an advertising business.

New Design Shoe Shine Scrolling Motion Sign Display

48"x48" viewable
This outdoor sign is constructed using extra insulation and framing materials to withstand all but the most extreme environments.

exterior 4 foot by 4 foot scrolling motion display sign  

Our New Scrolling Signs ...

Advertising impact is intensified by the vibrant backlighting, brilliant colors, digitally crisp images, and the continuous motion of the display.

Our scrolling signs are an innovative, state-of-the-art back-lit advertising display. They features the ability to continuously scroll through a series of high-resolution high-impact full-color printed posters.

We can fit between 11 and 25 posters in a scrolling sign, depending on the model you choose to deploy in your retail environment. We continually get positive feedback from our clients about these scrolling signs because they do the job they are supposed to do...our scrolling displays attract attention and get your marketing message read.  

In the space of one normal backlit display unit that only displayed one marketing message, you can now feature 11 to 25 marketing messages. Maximizing your precious retail space in such a way can only lead to more sales - and that is the key to our scrolling displays!

The viewing time for each poster can be set for intervals between 3 seconds and 199 seconds.

Posters scroll side-to-side or top-to-bottom. After all graphics have been viewed, the images can change direction and display the graphics in reverse order, or can rewind to the beginning so the graphics are viewed only in one direction. This allows a large array of options like a multi-graphic cell promotion. Every poster or message stays visible for a pre-determined number of seconds, then moves gradually into the next picture.

These incredible marketing tools can be easily mounted on walls, hung from ceilings or displayed using one of our optional display stands. The displays showcase viewable image sizes between 11"x17" to 48"x48". We have tabletop, wall mounted and floor stand motion displays available. 

Our scrolling motion display sets itself apart from the other display technologies by taking advantage of important dynamics of point-of-purchase marketing: light, color and movement. As each image in our motion display board rotates, the consumer waits in anticipation to see what will display next. 

Studies have shown that no other display advertising medium captures the attention of consumers in just this way.

You are no longer limited to static images of print ads and expensive billboards. You can now take advantage of our new scrolling display advertising system. 

Enjoy your visit to our site. We have tried to provide you with as much information as possible about our scrolling motion displays, but we know you may have questions, so please...call us. Let's talk about how these effective marketing tools can help you increase your sales and profits.

The light and full color attributes of our scrolling motion display billboards contribute significantly to the already powerful effect of its motion. The constant movement and changing content of our display boards focus potential consumers on the advertisements.

And the high resolution and high viewing angles of our scrolling motion signs beats any other display technology available. 

Thousands of these display signs have be
en sold since we started offering them six years ago. 

There is a reason for that....they work.

The purpose of any signage 
is to attract  attention to the message...your message.

Our scrolling displays do just that.

  • Full Color
  • Backlit Lighting
  • Scrolling Motion

They combine to create a sign that
compels people to look.

We have a variety of sizes, styles and colors that fit all motifs

Model # Viewable Image Number of Images Dimensions
A-3 Portrait   11"x17" 3 to 25 19"x24"x6"
A-2 Portrait   16"x23"  3 to 18 24"x36"x6"
A-1 Portrait   23"x34" 3 to 14 30"x43"x6"
A-1 Landscape   34"x23" 3 to 14 43"x30"x6"
A-1 Portrait back-to-back   23"x34" 3 to 14 per side 74"x30"x17
A-0 Portrait   46"x34" 3 to 15 60"x46"x6.5"
A-0 Landscape   34"x46" 3 to 15 46"x60"x6.5"
A-0 Portrait back-to-back   34"x46" 3 to 15 per side 46"x92"x15"
Exterior 48"x48"   48"x48" 3 to 11 52"x52"x7"
A-1 Shoe Shine Kiosk   23"x34" 3 to 14 32"x54"x18"

Standard Colors:

  • For the A3 and A2, standard color is black

  • For the A1 standard color is brushed nickel with a dark bronze interior mat

  • For the A0 and exterior sign standard color is a dark bronze

  • Any scrolling motion display sign and floor stand can be custom painted (small up-charge will apply)

Scrolling Motion Display Sign Specifications:

  • Media is a backlit reverse image polyester film more visible than ordinary posters

  • Display time per image is from 3 seconds to 199 seconds

  • All displays are designed to meet the highest quality standards for complete customer satisfaction

  • No tools are required to change images

  • Security locks are standard on all our motion displays

  • Our motion displays are constructed from steel and aluminum with a durable electrostatic powder coated finish

  • All standard motions displays are fully Commercial UL approved

  • Remote control, manual and automatic modes available

  • Full 100% one year parts warranty

We have sold these systems to all types and sizes of businesses. 
Everything from large stadiums (The Georgia Dome in Atlanta)
to small mom & pop stores. If you would like more info - 
please visit our site dedicated to these scrolling signs...

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