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                                                                                        Referral Marketing RULES!


When we talk about referral marketing, we mean referral marketing systems. Referrals systems that generate new customers automatically.

We are talking about new customers continually streaming into your business. Without you asking for them.

A few characteristics of our AUTOMATIC REFERRAL SYSTEMS

  • Systematic And Automatic

  • One-To-Many Basis Instead Of One-To-One

  • Tap Into Other People's Networks

  • Uses Incentives To Motivate People To Refer

You only have one responsibility and that is to provide a High Quality Product/Service


The right referral system requires NO ASKING for referrals. They get other people to to the asking for you. That's called marketing leverage. Our referral systems leverage your time and relationships to reach a large number of people that you never would have been able to reach without spending a huge amount of money.

Would you believe there are over 100 different successful automatic referral systems we can implement and that many will work in your business? It is absolutely true.

How would you feel if you knew you could "turn on the spigot" and have referrals automatically flow into your business? You now can.

Why aren't referrals producing large numbers of new customers for you now? Is it because...

  1. You hesitate asking your customers face-to-face for referrals ---
    (we don't blame you)
  2. Your customers have better things to do - they are too busy, too lazy ---
    (they have no real reason)

When we set up 3 or 4 referral systems for you and integrate them into your marketing system, you won't have to ask for a referral and your customers will act in their best interest and provide you with referrals because you give them a reason to. They will dig deep into their network to provide you with referrals.

A couple of caveats...

  1. You need to provide overwhelming value - your product or service must be first class.
  2. Obviously, you need to have been in business for a while, so that you have a customer base to start with.

With the above in mind...we can set up any number of referral systems to create an automatic flow of new customers for you business. If that is something you desire, give us a call or fill in our inquiry form.

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