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                                                                                        Quick List Of The Marketing Programs

Marketing Program Purpose And Type

SAP = Shared Advertising Program – Multiple Advertisers Per Program
N = New Business Generation
2 = Positioning Business As Number 2
O = Ongoing/Promotional/Connecting With Customers & Prospects
P = Proprietary To Fletcher Consolidated/Biz Adz, Inc.

Programs Exclusively Represented By Our Sales Agents/Dealers:

  • Coffee Mug Program (SAP-N-2-O) - General and Trade show specific program - Sell to trade show exhibitors through trade show as free handout to attendees
  • Office Mouse Pad Program (SAP-N-2-O) - includes web page on dedicated website - Sell to local businesses (primary restaurants, dry cleaners, other services) distributed free to local offices
  • Refrigerator Memo-board  (SAP-N-2-O-P) - unique folding memo-board, two year calendar, wipe on/wipe off note area, other important info - Sell to local businesses (all), either cross distribute to local consumers or deliver direct through various means
  • Windshield Reminder Program (SAP-N-2-O) - (Think oil change sticker) - Sell to take-out restaurants, cross distribute to local consumers
  • Mint Advertising (SAP-N-2-O-P) - Ads on mint boxes plus business cards - Sell to local businesses (2 per box), includes 4/1 business cards - distributed through POP displays located in high traffic businesses

Programs Sold Both Online By Fletcher Consolidated/Biz Adz, Inc. & Sales Agents/Dealers

    64 page booklet includes interesting, unusual golf related information and log book - Sell this to any business that wants a high end demographic as its customer (CPA’s, Insurance, etc) as its primary sponsor, with other businesses listed as well – includes an incredible cross distribution program
  • VIC Restaurant Program  (SAP-N-2-O-P) - MOSTLY SOLD BY OUR SALES AGENTS/DEALERS... Directory/Email program - Sell to local restaurants, cross promotion monthly email to local consumers (double opt-in) - includes online website listing, PDF menu and numerous offline marketing programs
  • Online Restaurant Ordering Service (N-O) - Offer as add-on to the VIC Restaurant program above or separate, sophisticated online ordering website for restaurants - Sell to any restaurant that offers take out food
  • Aces High Scratch Off Promotion (N-O-P) - Stand alone program designed to create repeat business - Full color scratch off program - each card is a winner, handed out and “redeemed” at next visit to business – far exceeds any other method of producing repeat business - Sell to most local retailer and most local restaurants
  • Music Jingles/On Hold Advertising (O) - Sell to local or national businesses, professionally developed and produced audio programs
  • Send Out Cards Greeting Card / Postcard Program (additional $300 buy in) (N-2-O) - managed, automated printed and mailed greeting card and/or postcard program - Sell to local or national businesses (completely managed, includes postcard creation, list management) all company has to do is provide mailing list and okay our postcard design
  • Private Label Coffee (N-O) - 60 varieties available, custom gold foil labels - Sell to all businesses for corporate events and promotions
  • Wood Postcards / Corrugated Plastic Postcards (N-2-O-P) - unique USPS mailed postcard – incredible marketing tool - Sell to all businesses needing a high impact lead generation – gets through almost every “gatekeeper”
  • Cleaning Business Marketing Program (N-2-O) - complete marketing program for the cleaning industry
  • Dentist Marketing Program (N-2-O) - complete marketing program for dentists

Programs Where Sales Agents/Dealers Act As Lead Generation

  • Private Label Cigars (N-O) - high quality, premium cigars (best in industry) with high quality custom designed cigar bands (best in industry) - Sells to consumers for weddings, birthdays and other personal events and sells to businesses for corporate events and promotions purposes
  • Search Engine Optimization (N-2-O)- sophisticated multiple software based analysis of a websites rankings with specific recommendations for improving rankings - Valuable to most small businesses with an online website
  • Structured Marketing Systems (N-2-O-P) - various structured marketing programs - These structured marketing programs will be of value to most of the businesses you encounter
  • Referral Marketing Systems - (N-2-O-P) - various referral marketing program - These referral marketing programs will be of value to most of the businesses you encounter
  • Scrolling Motion Displays (N-2-O) - scrolling motion backlit display systems
  • Yellow Page Ad Consulting (N-2-O) - Strategies that will increase sales from yellow page advertising - without spending more money.

There are more marketing programs to be introduced over the coming year.


As we said, you will be able to meet with any small business, anywhere in the country, and have a marketing program that will help them grow their business.

If you are up to the challenge, then re-read the above menu of marketing programs you will offer. Don't you think you can sit down with any business owner anywhere and show them a marketing program that will benefit them from the above selection? You don't have to try to "fit a square peg in a round hole". With so many marketing programs, we can assure you that one (most likely many) will work for any business.


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