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                                                                                        You MUST Combine Offline & Online Marketing

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Nope - not the beginning of a new Star Wars saga, but the description of the time when a business could rely solely on offline advertising.

Today, and in the future, each and every business must pursue its customers in both dimensions...online and offline - one feeding the other.

Not all offline advertising works, and many of the "traditional" methods of offline advertising are losing their effectiveness. But there are a number of unique and effective offline methods of advertising that do work. And the ones that work the best incorporate online advertising into the complete marketing system.

And online doesn't mean just email and a website (although very effective if done correctly). Blogs and mobile advertising have their place to.

With all of the above in mind, the most important thought to take away from this page is that NO ADVERTISING SHOULD STAND ALONE.

When you advertise offline, give them a reason to move their relationship with you online. If advertising online give them a reason to visit with you in the real world. Create a multi-faceted marketing program that interacts with your prospects and customers in every way possible...allowing them to chose their favorite way of communicating with you.

Get them to your website. Get them to your blog. Give them a reason to visit both. Make enticing offers to them at every step. If mobile marketing makes sense to your business - then start to implement it as it is not as expensive or as difficult as you may imagine.

Oh...just in case you don't know this - wherever they are - capture their information. 

Creating an effective online presence is not difficult. At the least...for most small businesses it should include a website, email list and search engine optimization. For the more progressive (and if warranted) add to that a blog and possibly mobile advertising. It take a bit of time to set up and a little more time on a monthly basis, but is worth it. 

If you marketing is systemized, then each part of your advertising should connect to the other parts. Online bridging to offline, offline connecting to online. Seamless. Every passing year, this becomes more important. What you should realize is that offline advertising still has an important part to play in your marketing mix - but it's effect can be enhanced by tying it to offline marketing.

Bottom line...

The right offline marketing combined with the right online marketing will elevate your business above your competition in an almost effortless way.

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