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                                                                                        Yes - Marketing To Become #2 Is Incredibly Powerful

Question of the day...how can marketing with one of the desired results of your business becoming #2 in the eyes of your prospects actually be profitable?

Understand...we do not advocate that you advertise with becoming #2 as your the only result. But as part of an integrated plan (yes, a marketing system) - you should be positioning your business as the 2nd company in the minds of people when they think of your type of business.

And exactly how does this benefit you?

Because eventually, in many cases, #1 no longer is #1. Either they retire, or close their business or do something wrong. This happens more often than you can imagine. And guess what happens when this occurs...their customers immediately think of you and become your customers. Using this marketing concept, little by little you scoop up all of the orphaned customers in your industry.

Over time, this may be the most powerful marketing principle you can implement.

Businesses close every day due to poor performance. Or because the owners retire. Or they don't perform, and create a less than happy customer. Every one of these events presents a HUGE opportunity to you. And if you have positioned yourself as #2, then where do you think all of the customers will go to get the service or product?

Does this make sense to you? If so, then let us continue.

Please understand, this does not mean you should be spending marketing money to specifically win hearts and minds to position your business as #2. Not at all. But...while you are busy systematically working your direct results oriented marketing programs, you can easily create the mechanisms that position your business as the universal #2 in your market. This is easier than you think.

One way is to become the perceived expert in your industry. Another is to provide readily available valuable information. Get known in the community. All of these techniques are proven methods to becoming known as a preferred service/product provider and to position yourself as #2.

So...how do you become the perceived expert in your industry? How do you provide valuable information? How do you get known in the community?

Simple...write a series of articles. Create a series of reports. Get on a radio talk show. Have an interview done. Create a short video information report. Offer your services to high-profile not-for-profit organizations. In short...be the "go-to" guy/girl when it comes to your industry. And whenever you message the community, let them know these valuable resources are available. Sooner than later, you will infiltrate the hearts and minds of your market. You will be known as an expert. You will quietly position your company as the one that will pick up all orphaned customers when the inevitable happens.

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