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                                                                                        Why We Need Your Local Presence


It's the crucial ingredient that frankly makes it necessary that we create local dealer/agents throughout the U.S.

It's also why we do not offer many of the marketing and advertising services online that we will offer through our distributors. To correctly market and fulfill many of the services we will offer through our distributors...we need local "FEET ON THE GROUND". Our local distributors are absolutely essential to our success in selling our broader service/product line. It is quite simple...we need local representation.

When you look at the quick list that we have provided on this website showing the marketing programs you will be offering, you will quickly see that it is essential that we have "FEET ON THE GROUND" locally. The bulk of the marketing program you will offer employ long-lasting targeted local advertising methods. Local businesses connecting with local consumers. To effectively offer these programs we need representation that is local. 

This obviously works in your favor - as a dealer/agent, you are essential to our success - we really can't offer a significant portion of our marketing services without you.

That doesn't mean that as a dealer/agent you will not be allowed to offer the marketing services you see online here and on our other websites. Of the services we offer online, there are some you will directly represent and some you will simply act as a lead source. In either case, there is money to be made by our distributors. 

The reason you will represent some of our services only in the capacity of lead generator is because these marketing services are either technical in nature, or consulting in nature...in either case, these services are best handled by the company. 

For the services that you will act as a "lead source" - we will handle the creation, the sale, communication with the client and the delivery of the service - you will be kept in the loop regarding the status of the project...and of course, you will earn a nice commission for generating the lead.  

Fact is, a substantial income can be made by doing NOTHING else than sourcing leads for these services. We expect more sales of these technology/consulting services to arise from our distributors than from direct contact through our website or from other advertising.

Without dealer/agents, we would materially limit the ways we can help small businesses throughout the country. 

All the other services listed online and of course the marketing and advertising services that we will offer solely through you distributors (more than a dozen) are to be sold completely by you, our...


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