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                                                                                        Distributor Program Overview

An unmatched opportunity to secure your financial future will soon be introduced.

You will have the opportunity to create the type of wealth and income you only dreamed of. In the coming months, we will begin a nationwide rollout of our sales agent/dealer program.

If you desire a high income and substantial wealth, stay tuned!

The Opportunity of a Decade is About to Unfold...

In the next few months, Fletcher Consolidated, along with our sister company Biz Adz, Inc. will begin the nationwide rollout in the U.S. of a massive income generating and wealth creating B2B opportunity.

Select individuals and companies will have the opportunity to represent a much-expanded line of Internet, advertising and marketing products and services to small and mid-sized businesses throughout the United States (Canadian rollout to begin later this year). Many of these products and services will be unique and only available through this program.

If you ever wanted to become a player in the business-to-business (B-to-B) area, this may be your last best chance at achieving your dreams.

The income potential will be quite large. No puffery needed. The wealth building potential will be quite large as well. Those individuals and companies that act quickly will be in for the ride of their lives. Within a short span of five years, you will be afforded the opportunity to retire with an income that many doctors would envy.

As our sales agent, you will walk into any small or mid-sized business in the nation and have something of value to offer. Yes - you read it right, ANY small or mid-sized business in North America will want something you have. It will be either an Internet/Web-based technology offering or a marketing/advertising program or service - all proven effective and backed by a nationwide marketing and advertising group.


During the next few months we will begin to introduce our expanded menu of products and services. What you see on this Website currently is only part of what you will offer to businesses nationwide. As a sales agent/dealer of ours, your competitive advantage in the marketplace will be obvious and tremendous. More than a few of our products and services will absolutely not be available elsewhere.

Caveat...Warning...Caution Ahead!

And although this is a consulting type sale, which is NOT a hard sell, it still is sales. Know this before you venture further. If you are hesitant about selling, even a relatively easy sale as ours will be, then this may NOT be for you. That said...lets continue.

If you are willing to put forth the time and effort, both high initial income and heavy recurring revenue can soon be yours. 

And...we are developing some very unique and incredibly effective means of generating leads and closing sales. You will become your area's business building consultant of choice - and yes, you can market nationally too. As a sales agent you will be given the very real opportunity to create a six-figure income after only one year and be able to retire nicely in as little as five years.

This opportunity will NOT be available to just anybody. We are looking only for high-caliber aggressive individuals or companies that will put the time and effort in to reap the HUGE rewards possible.

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We will be announcing details shortly. If you are interested, you may want to bookmark this page for future reference.


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