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                                                                                        Private Label Custom Cigars 

aged, imported, long-filler, cuban-seed, handmade private label cigars





a personalized cigar that is rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado






good reasons to purchase your custom cigars from the private label cigar leader, Fletcher Cigar Company

You found THE place for the finest private label cigars at the lowest prices.

Fletcher Cigar Company (our sister company) offers you the finest handmade private label cigars available today, featuring YOUR logo or the design of your choice printed in full color with a gloss finish on a beautifully die-cut cigar band.

Fletcher Cigar Company creates private label cigars, specialty cigar collectible editions and custom cigar bands for some of the finest cigar manufacturers in the country. We offer you the same high quality for your private label cigar!
The complex taste of our world class, Premium and Rated Super Premium private label cigars will make you wish they would last forever.

And our custom label cigar bands are as good as our cigars!

custom cigars from Fletcher Cigar Company - the finest personalized cigars available anywhere

To Learn More, Get Pricing And To Order...
Please visit the largest private label custom cigar site on the Net...


About the Cigars!

The quality of the cigar matters. What is important is the following: Is it handmade? Is it constructed of long-filler tobacco? Is the tobacco imported, aged and from Cuban-seed? Our answers...Yes. Yes. Yes. 

We offer you a varied selection of cigars. Our fine premium grade cigars are available in a natural wrapper or a Maduro wrapper. Our rated super premium cigar (rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado) is available in exotic Sun Grown Natural, Cameroon, Corojo or Brazilian Maduro wrappers.

Our premium is as good as any private label cigar on the market today. Our rated super premium is just plain better than anything you will find. If you are looking for the ultimate private label cigar, you just found it.

FYI - we do NOT sell cheap medium or short filler cigars. We wouldn't smoke one, and we won't ask that you do. 

If you are using a custom label cigar to promote your business, you want it to reflect favorably on your company. If you are having a wedding or other personal event, make sure you celebrate the right way, with a fine premium private label cigar.

And the fact is...you can enjoy our premium aged, long-filler Cuban-seed private label cigar for less than other company's medium-filler cigar. And our Rated Super Premium cigar at a price that is less than their premium cigar. It's all good!


free stuff is yours when you order your custom cigars from Fletcher Cigar Company






testimonials - customers talk about our private label cigars








We take pride in designing every custom cigar band to your specifications.

Our cigar bands are known to be the finest in the industry. We design each one to your specifications. We don't just drop in some text or a logo to a preformatted band and say we're finished. Not here. 

That's why we don't offer online ordering. You see, this is the place where you get personalized attention for YOUR personalized cigar band. We need to discuss your needs, either by email or by telephone. We create a proof and if it needs changing to please you, we'll change it. Simple. 

It's called customer service. Frankly, we're not happy until you are.

We Offer You The Finest Private Label Cigars At The Lowest Prices.

We specialize in creating custom cigar bands for advertising promotions, special events and gifts using your logo or artwork for either business or personal events. Name the event and we will create a custom cigar band for it!

an example of our custom cigar bands - the finest private label cigars you can find

Custom Designed - We Guarantee Your Satisfaction 

custom cigars for your casino or hotel - the finest available

And...we have stock private label cigar band styles
perfectly suited for special events such as...

  • Weddings

  • Anniversaries

  • Birthdays

  • Baby Cigars

  • Private Stock

private label cigars - fine premium custom cigars by Fletcher Cigar Company

Cigars have been a celebration tradition for hundreds of years. Your wedding is a very special event. Celebrate it in luxury. Celebrate it with a custom wedding cigar.
second of two anniversary private label cigars - from your source for fine premium custom cigars

An anniversary is definitely time to celebrate - do it right with a personalized cigar
second of four birthday custom cigars - from your source for fine premium custom cigars

We can change the colors on any of our custom cigar bands

third of four new baby personalized cigars - from your source for fine premium custom cigars

You can see more samples of our custom cigar bands by 
surfing over to fletchercigars.com

To Learn More, Get Pricing And To Order...
Please visit the largest private label custom cigar site on the Net...



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